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HubSpot Support

Need onboarding or assistance with your HubSpot account?

Check out some of our HubSpot offerings below including hourly support blocks and HubSpot Onboarding packages. 

Get connected to one of our certified HubSpot experts!
No retainers, no proposals, just pure expert level HubSpot Support from our team readily available the next day. A block of hours can be spent on anything you need out of your HubSpot account! Some examples of our most common use cases:
  • HubSpot Portal Audit
  • Re-vamp of your HubSpot Account
  • CRM Cleansing Strategies
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Sales Optimation
  • End User Training

HubSpot Onboarding

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Marketing Hub

Included in Onboarding:

  • Core Settings Configuration
  • Forms, Landing Pages, Emails, Campaigns, CTAs
  • Integrations: Social Media, Digital Ads, Other Native Integrations
  • CRM Object Architecture and Property Configuration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Channel Reporting
  • Plus more +

Sales Hub

Included in Onboarding:

  • Core Settings Configuration
  • Deal Pipelines and Stages
  • Sales Automation
  • CRM Object Architecture and Property Configuration
  • Sales Rep and Manager Reporting
  • Playbooks, Meetings, Quotes
  • Snippets, Templates, and Sequences
  • Plus more +

Service Hub

Included in Onboarding:

  • Core Settings Configuration
  • Ticket Pipelines and Statuses
  • Service Ticket Automation
  • CRM Object Architecture and Property Configuration
  • Chatflow Configuration
  • Front-end Knowledge Base Design
  • Customer Portal Activation
  • Plus more +


Included in Onboarding:

  • Core Settings Configuration
  • Templates and Module Design
  • Domain Integration
  • Navigation Menu Setup
  • Website Architecture
  • Consent and Privacy Configuration
  • Blog Home and Page Design
  • Sitemap Configuration
  • Plus more +

Onboarding starting at $3,000 per Hub


How long will onboarding take?

Standard onboarding per package according to HubSpot SLA is about 90 days from product purchase to official handoff. 

We typically fall in the range of 60-100 days for onboarding depending on the complexity of your needs. Factors that influence the timeline:

  • Data Quality
  • Mutual SLA 
  • Client Availability 
  • Outside Additions to the Scope


Who will I be working with?

Your onboarding team will be comprised of an Account Manager and a HubSpot Expert. 

The Account Manager is responsible for ensuring the project is staying on track, the HubSpot Expert is responsible for doing the actual development and strategic implementation. 


How do I know what is being done?

You will have access to a shared slack channel and a shared asana board. 

You will have full visibility into the progress of the project through the shared asana board, access to us via a slack channel, and a bi-weekly meeting where we will check in with progress.


Why should I choose WORQFLOW?

It's simple. We don't templatize onboarding. 

The onboarding of your HubSpot account will be tailored to your specific business. We will leverage our industry experience and HubSpot knowledge along the way, but ultimately we will ensure that your portal is purpose built for YOU.